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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Dallas.

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ID 661308

Bryan Vincent

A former CPA, financial controller, software implementation consultant, and successful real estate technology entrepreneur.

ID 626489

Harold Hughes

Bandwagon Founder, MBA, passionate about Innovation & Technology Management, Bachelors in Economics, Negotiation & Leadership Certified, B2B Sales Experience

ID 747550

Daniel Pruessner

Electrical engineer and programmer with 15 years of design history. Focused on analog, power, and embedded design. International business experience.

ID 368201

Mike Smith


Full stack marketer. Lover of B2B SaaS. Intimately involved in hyper growth companies for 10+ years. Grew GetResponse, @bigcommerce , @firehost , @call-em-all.

ID 693513

Chetan Anand Gabri

Led over dozen transformation programs in Suuply Chain & Merchandising. Head of Product Management for Retail Planning at JDA / i2. MBA from The Wharton School.

ID 160950

Chattaboom News

Founder @chattaboom. Advertising b.g. with over 15 years of creative and management experience. Innovator, passionate, go-getter, and Mr. make it happen is part of the brand.

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