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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Dallas.

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ID 185916

Michael Petridis, MBA


Founded 3 companies; sold one; sell-side M&A advisor & global consultant; linked via private jet industry to ultra high net-worth clientele globally; MBA degree.

ID 134901

Stacy Stephens

Vice President Marketing & Sales of @knightscope; Former executive and Founder of Carbon Motors Corporation; Former Police Officer (Texas)

ID 209724

Corey Egan

Co-Founder & CEO, ilumi

ID 120776

CJ Halabi


Angel Investor. Hardware engineer. Ex-VC fund manager. Ex-Classic Cocktail Bartender. Worked at Ericsson, HP, Accenture, Capgemini. Cornell ECE, MENG, MBA.

ID 85801

Lindsey Root

Co-Founder of @hiplogiq

ID 17919

Ryan Beckland


CEO & Co-founder of @validic. Career entrepreneur - 4 companies, 2 exits. Interested in using technology to change health behaviors.

ID 38908

Ed Luczycki


Principle at Collective Strategies, LLC, President/CTO at Collective Technology Group, Solutions Architect at Dynamo Labs LLC.

ID 207653

Justin Howley

Founder @art-science-web, @piquey @Wanderizm • Worked at @new-york-times, @travelocity

ID 36368

Adam Root


CoFounder of @hiplogiq. Advanced certifications in online marketing, and software engineering. Managed marketing efforts for fortune 500 companies.

ID 59384

Matthew Moalem

Revenue Acquisition Mercenary - Global Alliances, Global Sales, Global Marketing. Board Adviser. Former US Navy. Innovative Technology, Social, Mobile.

ID 2217

Frank Orlando


CEO: @ithinklocal, Founder/Ex-Pres: @allcom-solutions, Investor: @j-hilburn, Boston Heart Lab. Strong Tech/Operations/Sales background w/ a splash of Finance.

ID 125179

Brandon Gadoci


Husband & Dad. Head of Services & Research for @disruptioncorp & Principal at Crystal Tech Fund. Writing at http://gadoci.me .

ID 35890

Paul Ford

VP Product & Marketing @sendgrid Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Marketer & Creator of Cool Stuff

ID 323990

Brian Truong


Currently @rothenberg-ventures. Previously @bessemer-venture-partners and @downtime. Studied Biology/CS @harvard-university.

ID 201

Alexander Muse


Co-Founder at ViewMarket

ID 231900

Nathan Hanks


Founder @reachlocal-nasdaq-rloc, @music-audience-exchange @pinyada Investor @smartthings Studied at @university-of-louisiana-lafayette, @centenary-college

ID 50792

Baxter Box


Founder/CEO at @rewardstyle.com / @currentlyobsessed-me

ID 64418

Vivek Sagi


CTO of Woot, an Amazon company. Founder/CTO/GM roles @innovacion, @newbrandanalytics, @servicelive, @selectica. Strong tech & biz background. Wharton MBA, IIT M

ID 39793

Kraettli Lawrence Epperson


Founded @r7-solutions, @venturespur, @mann-diversified-services, @hyperalert, @manornet, @questia-media. Managing Partner @black-mesa-consulting-advisors

ID 258440

Alex Chang


Co-founded $250MM company. World traveler, marathoner, and cyclist. Angel investor.

ID 216882

Robert Smith

Mr. Smith is the Syndicate Lead for Media Li²ght Entertainment , BitCoin India, Nonlinear Film Technology and The Exchange Visionary Laboratories,

ID 57511

Tim Hamick


Sr exec, tech entrepreneur, accomplished sales exec, startup investor, internet marketing expert, worked @merrill-lynch @deloitte, studied @marquette-university

ID 362489

Bret Cox


Founder & CEO @hello, @evostor, @Radiant, @Micom • Product, Strategy, Culture, Design • 5x Founding CEO.

ID 183993

Michael Walsh

Founder @cariloop and Health 2.0 Dallas, Personal Trainer, @purdue-university University alum, living in Dallas, TX.

ID 1281

Stuart Rench

Serial entrepreneur, currently CEO at @ihiji. @georgia-institute-of-technology graduate. Bootstrapped and sold first company.

ID 371833

Greg Bohn


Founder of @spa-habitat, Founder of @clovertree, Digital Media Executive

ID 44165

Chris Stevens

CTO @traxo. Developer. Entrepreneur. Pilot.

ID 109409

Bryan Shepard


CEO/Co-founder of @sweepio . Start-up Guy, three startups, two successful exits, one IPO. Dad of 2, husband of 1.

ID 74935

Brian Curliss

Entrepreneur. Cofounder of @maillift #500Strong (Batch 007) Once Solo-Bootstrapped to $20k/mo in 6mo Specializes in SEO, pricing, analytics, users, and growth.

ID 328431

Sean Schantzen

Co-founder of Healthfundr; Grew sales and managed products at Active Network; sales at Granicus; U of Minn. Law School; securities law at Carrington Coleman

ID 78710

Eric Moore

Product Manager @KouponMedia, Focusing on products & strategy. Previously: Trailblazer Capital, MBA@SMU, Verizon, Cisco, McAfee/Intel, & EE@Utexas.

ID 161895

Todd Wostrel

Founder @brevida • Founder/CTO @order-mapper-1 • Tech Staff @texas-instruments • @intervoice • MBA, MSCS at @southern-methodist-university

ID 64196

Mike Merrill

Enterprise Account Executive at @salesforce-com-1 @exacttarget Marketing Cloud. Advisor to @modern-message. Former Director of Marketing @reachlocal-nasdaq-rloc, Founder of Social Media Club of Dallas, Former Board member TeXchange DFW, Strong enterprise

ID 47647

Andres Fabris


Founder & CEO @traxo venture-backed travel organizer, 19yrs industry experience, ran Biz Dev for @sabre & @travelocity, travel patent holder, @HBS'04

ID 60582

Jim Bricker

Founder @order-mapper-1 • Worked at @microsoft,• Studied at University of Washington, @colorado-school-of-mines

ID 57414

Graham McFarland

A practicing entrepreneur, knee deep in his fifth start-up. Successfully built, funded and exited multiple companies ranging from $10K to over $10M in sales.

ID 68287

Michael Sitarzewski

Co-founder, CEO at @epicplayground Co-founder, former CTO at @hypersites.com, and founder of 8 startups since 1994, including two exits.

ID 431843

Chris Winn


Founder @kidbusy • M&A, Prod. Dev. @realpage, Project Finance @Skadden Arps • BA from @university-of-texas-at-austin-1, MBA from @southern-methodist-university

ID 121718

Stephen Brewer

Founder @front-desk • Studied at @rose-hulman-institute-of-technology

ID 23825

Blake Burris

Founder & Chief Hactivist of the global #Cleanweb movement; catalyzing entrepreneurs to make our cities more livable and sustainable. fbFund recipient

ID 144980

Aditya Viswanathan

Founder of @crowdery and @jatalo. Currently interested in leveraging the power of the crowd. Startups since high school. CS at @stanford-university.

ID 25241

Jaye Miller

Co-Founder and CTO of @fancorps

ID 10146

G.I. Sanders

Co-Founder & CEO of @fancorps. Strong background in project management & graphic design. I know how to lead a team, and am doing just that.

ID 146885

John J. Reed


Partner at Tech Wildcatters / HealthWildcatters in Dallas. GP of Azalea Fund. Managing Director of Pathfinder Renewable Wind Energy, LLC.

ID 155532

Jenny Bai

Founder/CEO, @mingyian. Previously founded DoubleMarket Group, Entrprnr, The Red Connect. Nonprofit work: Girls in Tech China, Live Wright Society

ID 10097

Sean Everett

Founded @AdamAndLuna (@StoryApp), @evolyte (@WeatherNotifier @DockClock @ConfideApp), @bluestone-investments (Algo Trading, raised angel investment), Booth MBA

ID 9504

Simon Salt

CEO of IncSlingers (agency) and author of "Social Location Marketing" & The Shorty Guide to Mobile Marketing.

ID 395555

Russell Wyman


Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer for @gruupmeet, @smu alumni, Latino, Fluent in Spanish, #gruuppie #eventprofs #eventtech #TW2014 & practice hot yoga too!

ID 55656

Cameron Gawley


Founder of @cherrypick | CEO @buzzshift // a Digital Strategy Agency

ID 5322

Bradley Joyce

If it needs doing, I can get it done. Design / Code / UI / UX / Marketing / Sales

ID 62651

Mike Orren

President of @speakeasy, a content marketing and social strategy firm that is a joint venture of Slingshot Advertising and The Dallas Morning News.

ID 6522

Lincoln Murphy

SaaS & Cloud companies come to me when they need to acquire - and keep - more customers so they can grow rapidly and profitably!

ID 118549

Marc Mattox


Multiple failures. One great exit. Tech Advisor & Opportunist

ID 20014

Nav Chatterji

Designer, Entrepreneur.

ID 225822

Todd Krumholz


Sports Attorney with an emphasis on Athlete Endorsements,Founder @jtk-talent-llc • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1, @marquette-university

ID 135500

Esteban Contreras

Director of Strategy @sprinklr. Former @samsung-electronics Social Media Manager. Founder: Social Nerdia Consulting. Author: Social State.

ID 128130

Benjamin Jorgensen

Co-Founder of Klick Push: Strategy - Sales - BD.

ID 21680

Taylor Cavanah

Founder @petpartner . Co-founder/Sales/Product/GM @zyvex-instruments (sold to @dcg-systems). Think Tank Futurist @sony. BA Physics @rice and MS Physics @UTD.

ID 364486

Rick Lundbom


Founder/CEO IR top 300 ecommerce network LivingDirect.com, CompactAppliance.com, Kegerator.com, WineCoolerDirect.com, EdgeStar.com... @livingdirect

ID 117671

Trey Bowles

CoFounder and CEO of Dallas Entrepreneur Center. Dallas-based incubator created to help aspiring entrepreneurs start, build, and grow businesses.

ID 142496

Eric Yoo

Co-Founder, CEO of @yoolotto • Connecting Brands to Lottery Players • @pennsylvania-state-university University • Live and Breathe Innovation

ID 40841

Lee Blaylock


Technology & finance entrepreneur. Dell Employee #244, Oracle exec. Founded Austin Ventures funded @servicelane (NYSE:OC), @who & @annandale-capital ($500mm AUM)

ID 40883

Nolan Clemmons

Boston Born, Texas raised | President & CEO @wufasta | eSports & Video Games | Tech | Music

ID 10185

Alex Bugeja


Founder @traffikoo, @engim • Worked at @texas-instruments • Investor @traffikoo • Studied at @harvard-university, @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 144097

Mark Clark


Founder @darc-corporation, O2Works • Worked at @oracle-corporation • Investor @fanprint, @klick-push • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 113038

Brian Johnson

Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Holistic Personal Trainer and Real Food Evangelist. Searching for quality in quantity driven world.

ID 209231

Darren Waxman

Worked at @sprint, @aircell (GoGo AIr) Inc • Studied at @duke, @clark

ID 26767

Juan Chaparro

Co-Founder of Serviceful & Gmaids. Clients include execs at Accenture, EY, Samsung, Prudential and Dallas Mavericks. Strong sales & product skills

ID 112143

Jack Wrigley

Founder @qwiqq • Studied at @pacific-lutheran-university University 2012 Tech Wildcatters Accelerator Spring class Social+Mobile+Commerce for SMB's and consumers

ID 36129

Doug Standley


Founder, CEO of Societal Innovation Holdings - former Deloitte Innovation Principal - Founder Spectrasite Broadcast (sold to @american-tower),

ID 142796

Dave Copps

Discovery hacker, CEO of PureDiscovery. I imagine, plan & build software that captures and connects the people and knowledge of our very brilliant planet.

ID 103747

Todd Meagher


Founder @mystore, Check-inMD • Investor @mystore, @credit411-com

ID 42837

Gulhan Sumer

Former CIO at YPO, Carreker Corporation and PwC.Core competency in finding technology solutions to uplift revenue and create tangible customer/company value.

ID 420884

Julia Andalman

Founder Andalman Ventures Inc. • Worked at KeyRing @clear-channel-communications @wade-college-1 College • Studied at @university-of-alabama, @wade-college-1

ID 34652

Scott Roberts

Cofounder, CTO @ @vignature

ID 142760

Brett Relander

Digital Marketing professional with specialties in social media, mobile, SEO, gamification, and lead generation. It's about results, nothing else.

ID 182382

Chris Slaughter

Founder @lynx-laboratories • Worked at @university-of-texas-at-austin • Studied at @university-of-texas-austin

ID 112988

Court Simas

Co-Founder @instead and @oven-bits • Developer

ID 208341

Michael Pratt

Founder @panamplify | Founder @dd_dallas | | USMA '87 | former Goldman trader | reluctant warrior

ID 392571

Hal Rose


Start Up entrepreneur, mentor & investor in many industries including Technology, Personal Care, New & Traditional Media, and Consumer Products

ID 78958

Michael Yonker


AT&T Big Data, ex-Learner Mobile, ex-CSO TangoTab, Rockfish, Nielsen, TI @omap, Cirrus Logic, COMPAQ. Father, husband, far-too-occasional runner, foodie.

ID 41888

Jeffrey Hedge

Founder - Want Me Get Me

ID 147888

Jacob Morse


Entrepreneur, Product & UX Design—Currently VP of Strategy & Experience at Brainspace

ID 53807

Alex Chang

Chairman of @one-technologies. Boot strapped company with $1800, revenue over $100M in 2011.

ID 207803

Brandon Coleman III

Dynamic and forward-thinking leader with experience driving brand value and strategically positioning companies for profitable growth.

ID 165879

Davorin Kuchan

CEO @sparklinglogic, Capbridge VC, TXN, @telogy Networks @neuron Data • MBA @haas, @menlo-college Founder/CEO @oldworldspirits @tipattic-com

ID 48386

Eric Vanderschaaf

I love music and the way technology is changing our world. Founded a few (failed) startups and brought GiftCard.com through high-growth phase. EVP @ Senico.

ID 99961

Jennifer Conley

Founder @the-dallas-entrepreneur-center, @iliveindallas • Worked at @gravitycenter

ID 360593

Chris Chaney

Builder | Connector | Mentor | Investor | Founder & CEO, Chaney Group Holdings | Founder & Co-Chairman, Sports Symposium Inc. | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Princeton

ID 144845

MeLinda McCall

Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) Application development. Proxomo Backend Cloud Solution. One API, one platform, one service. Period.

ID 72694

Paul Johnson

I build sales ecosystems for tech & telecom companies and their sales teams. Founder, Kwotas (B2B Social Selling)

ID 48892

Aaron Bannister

Entrepreneur; Founder and CIO of @petpartner-app, Inc. M.I.S. degree from the University of Notre Dame. 9+ years experience in .Net/SQL/webservices.

ID 113837

Balachandar Ganesh

Enterprise software industry analyst and advisor; expert in collaboration, marketing software and business social media, @Cambridge 2011

ID 160322

Julie miller

CO-Founder @decur8 * Worked at @the-white-house * strong business development, sales, and marketing background * Studied at @cornell-university

ID 434150

Natalia Marchenko

Founder and CIO @mode-de-faire BA in Advertising and minor in Russian Studies from @southern-methodist-university

ID 141529

Joseph Knecht


Managing Director of VentureTech (i2rd). Strong MVP and Go to Market. Undergrad at @west-virginia-university, MBA @university-of-nebraska-lincoln

ID 48770

Ken Tsui

Founder and CTO of @petpartner-app. 10+ years innovation starting at @BBRY in embedded systems, mobile devices, and robotics. 4 US Patents and 14 scientific publications.

ID 70037

Jeff Borden

Founder & CEO of the @brand-protection-agency.

ID 353629

Devon Zielinski

Created and led teams at Impulse Solutions and Sono Solutions. Educated at Harvard and Texas Christian University. National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year 2009.

ID 84196

Malcolm Williams

Founder of @surgerylink. 13 years of sales & leadership in medical industry (J&J, @medtronic and Globus). Proud dad of 3 daughters.

ID 233322

Chad Zerangue

Founder Simplicity Health Systems • Worked at @emc (VAR) • Studied at @university-of-louisiana-lafayette

ID 6197

Florence Lowe

Founder & CEO Insider Edge | Worked in finance at @hudson-advisors, @capital-one, AA | As software engineer at @ubs-warburg, @ibm | Chicago Booth MBA, MCA & BA Math

ID 59177

Rafi Dudekula

Founder, CEO at @agilesense. 5 years at @microsoft, Won 2 regional coding competitions, cofounder ElementSign, Data integration and business intelligence.

ID 12787

James Thornton

Whybase, Founder. Cofedbank (online), Co-Founder. TinkerPop Member. Created Bulbs, a Python framework for graph databases. Baylor BBA, Computer Science 2001.

ID 51762

Nelson Hsu

VP Marketing @traxo. Experience launching products globally. McKinsey, Remy Martin Cognacs, Newell Rubbermaid, Lucent, eArtGroup. BS/MS @stanford-university, MBA Kellogg

ID 172127

Matt Alexander

Founder of Need, Foremost, and Unbranded.

ID 112244

J.J. Koch

CEO at @nommunity, Inc.

ID 6216

Marshall Haas

Director of Labs @metalab. Making @SmartBedding, previously co-founded @obsorb (acquired by MetaLab), and for giggles @18thme

ID 55079

Larry Simmons, Jr

Day Trader. Wholesaler. Co-Owner of @l-e-a-r-investments

ID 61389

Julian Carter

Founder & CEO @mosi-seven. MD at @monster-logic-group.

ID 185958

Jared Schaffer

Founder & Product at @the-tribe-app • Manager at @fort-work • @tech-wildcatters Alum 2013 • @southern-methodist-university B.B.A. Finance & B.S. Economics

ID 5786

Isaac Ewing

Director of UI/UX

ID 65155

Nelson Olavarrieta

CEO of @celebrateplus.com

ID 53506

Richard DeFrancisco


Global leader for several Silicon valley based, venture funded startups. 4 exits and a highly successful Bay Area IPO. Next up.....

ID 232017

Rent Rebate


CEO of Rent Rebate. Currently on the board of directors National Association of Apartment Locators. Worked at Mohr Partners. Sold my first company at 21.

ID 362342

Rachel Ergo

Startup Hustler, Growth Hacker, and Full-Stack Marketer

ID 155975

Arlo Gilbert


Founded & Sold @icall - Founded @click-feel-media @idownload @departing • Worked @dell • Investor @wirewize & more • Studied @university-of-texas-at-austin

ID 95268

Eric Yang

Operations GM for photography software startup @topaz-labs. Previously grew from zero to ~3M annual revenue in two years. Also co-founded @photowhoa.

ID 146244

Kinga Pates

Co-founder @gimme-3 • Worked at @Heritage Auctions • Studied at @southern-methodist-university

ID 102393

Judy Wu

Co-Founder/CEO of beautybagg. Business background: The Boston Consulting Group, Strategy/Business Dev. at Neiman Marcus. MBA from The @wharton-school School.

ID 457159

Sung Kim

Founder @gestures-inc • Worked at @samsung-electronics, @rockfish-interactive • Studied at @southern-methodist-university • Top 51st Designer in Tech by Business Insider, 2013

ID 126739

Chad Heinen

Product Manager @velocis • Worked at @qwiqq • Studied at @texas-a-m-university • Experience with 5 Products, 3 Startups, 1 Incubator, 1 Ent. Company.

ID 265877

Gabe Ignatow

Founder @GradTrek @dealentra, @ignition-social-science • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-virginia

ID 238431

Ed Toles

Ed Toles has enjoyed a career of wide diversity, working as a partner in a law firm, a restaurateur, a franchise operator, and a lawyer in private practice.

ID 57550

Justina Walford

Founder and Partner of "Do Good Naked" website @bare-naked-bake-sale.

ID 41335

Nahid Giga

Founded @handbid.com, Innpulse.net, Mobilepeople USA. Extensive background in sales, marketing, strategy, business development and deal structure

ID 235515

Andrew Webb

Founder @vectorent-corp • Senior Executive, Strategist and Business Builder • Studied at @dartmouth-college

ID 133878

Michael Holder

Founder @organ-transport-systems-1 • Worked at @Heartland Capital Partners • Studied at @wharton-school School, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

ID 126155

Michael Tate

Chief Operations Officer at CleanNG, LLC.

ID 64147

Nowell Outlaw

CEO - @StellarAir - Successful Start-ups and Exits, either Merger or IPO. Whiteboard to exit, hands on Entrepreneur.

ID 191726

James Ross

Founder @hedgechatter , Past Founder @ipteldirect

ID 354451

Kaleb Bryan

I lead the wolf pack at Spotagory with relentless passion.

ID 512170

Qn. Everlena Brown

Media Mogul behind #QEBLLC @QEBVLogTV #PublishingQEB #QEBStudios & #QEBFoundation. NEWS TIPS #4045329232

ID 89964

Andrew Ripley

Co-Founder of @purposematch-formerly-sparxlife. Over ten years of business development / sales experience in technology, software, and edtech.

ID 715010

Siale Langi


Motivational Speaker/Para-athlete/Social Entrepreneur. Studied @BYU, living in Dallas, TX.

ID 124384

Rachel Lamb

Graduated Sum Cum Laude from Oral Roberts University with a BS in Business Administration & Minor in History! I'm a social butterfly connecting ppl everywhere!

ID 15243

Cristiano B. M. Oliveira


Tech Entrepreneur; Founder/CTO @spring-wireless (Enterprise Mobile/SaaS Apps), growing the company from 0 to $100M in sales, with a successful exit; Worked @sap

ID 34070

Roberto Inetti


ID 111230

Peggy Dold

Founder, Navigation Partners LLC; Global Marketing Strategist & Entertainment Consultant

ID 507437

David Kapitany

Founder/CEO Guideally • Traveler by heart • Photographer by passion • Entrepreneur by ambition • Dog person by choice

ID 133220

Timber Barker

Founder @myrooms, @gelpay • Worked at @at-t, @xerox @ey

ID 55943

Rick Borry

Founder Webvent, Inc.

ID 160950

Chattaboom News

Founder @chattaboom. Advertising b.g. with over 15 years of creative and management experience. Innovator, passionate, go-getter, and Mr. make it happen is part of the brand.

ID 23220

Steve Harries

Consumer insight consultant, Specialist in innovation platform development

ID 247409

Muki Regunathan


Founder & CEO of pepper square. Investor @JadeMagnet, @mubhi, @muhive

ID 335649

Mike Whitaker

Founder @idefi

ID 158892

Rick Bollar

CEO of Eagle Social Media improving your social sporting experience. Coming Fall 2012!

ID 203948

Ryan Cooper

Founder Best Bike Split • Studied at @university-of-texas-austin, Ph.D work @southern-methodist-university

ID 117001

Scott Henderson

CEO/Founder @yoursportscast-1.com M. Ed. Texas A & M - Commerce

ID 209094

Diego Netto

Worked at @simplifi, @qualcomm, @tonightlife • Studied at @virginia-polytechnic-institute-state-university

ID 248339

J.C. Adams


1st startup in college & 4 more since in tech, marketing, real estate & health care. I'm a Lean Startup Driver & Social Entrepreneur. "Do well by doing good"!

ID 64298

Kevin Huckabee

Founder @kevin-huckabee, @video-tape-productions • Worked at @muller-entertainment, @video-bliss-inc • Studied at @university-of-north-texas

ID 225683

Mike Newhouse

CEO of Impyre an Internet marketing / SEO company. Actively seeking opportunities to leverage SEO / Sales / Marketing / Leadership skills into other avenues.

ID 710913

Tony Hartl


Founded Planet Tan (sold to Palm Beach Tan), aurthored book Selling Sunshine, invested in various businesses, currently creating an iconic wine from Mendoza

ID 416181

Kelli Thomas-Drake

Founder @my-purple-folder • Worked at @techtv • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @southern-methodist-university

ID 149249

Kara Brown

Sports Analytics Specialist for Stout Social,. Tech Wildcatters grad., Univ. of Michigan Econ & Communications; Experience: strategy, marketing, gov. relations, & analytics.

ID 177872

Peter Donovan

ID 432644

Jonathan Chambers

Founder @business-one-2. High school dropout. Self educated business master. Flipping Management Consulting, Business Education, & Enterprise Software on it's Head.

ID 48043

Saman Baghestani

Co-Founder of @wemakechange. Visionary. Strong internet marketing track record, accomplishing 1mm+ unique visits / mo for a leading home based business site.

ID 40278

Tim Capper

Founder & CEO @mobile-mum Founder President @vision-wise-inc. last 10 years creating 100's of Kid's Games for Hasbro, Lucas, HIT entertainment, Jim Henson

ID 56651

Peace Of Mind Hydrotherapy Spa LLC

Follow the director of the most peaceful, environmental-friendly and innovative spa in the universe!!! @peace-of-mind-hydrotherapy-spa LLC is coming soon!!!

ID 243352

Brad K. Heppner

Entrepreneur Brad K. Heppner has created companies for over two decades.

ID 172373

James Bohan-Pitt

Accomplished business builder skilled in business planning, launch, marketing & sales channel development for startups & early growth stage technology companies

ID 174303

Smoot Carter

Co-founder & CEO of Blownaway. Grad of @yale MA, @lsu.

ID 81581

Gregory T Becker

BS, MS, 30 year engineer. Spectacular communication and marketinig skills. I have always provided leadership and added benefits to the team.

ID 85656

Jon Izquierdo

UI/UX Designer / IxD at @AmplifiCommerce • Grad Student at @harvard-university • Former Product Manager @fedex

ID 201870

Jerry King III

Aspiring Entrepreneur and Technology Innovator - Obstacle Course Race Enthusiast #spartanup and Martial Artist - @PrimalSensors

ID 19503

Gustavo Geraldes


ID 423632

Eddie Bright

Serial Entrepreneur with a background in therapeutic medical devices. Previously founded and sold two device distribution companies.

ID 192002

Mike Roth

Founder @millennial-energy • Worked at @encana, @cinco-resources • Studied at @university-of-texas-austin

ID 352532

Yarden Eitan

Co-founder Wattadu • Worked at @university-of-cambridge-1, @sandisk, @pmc-sierra • Studied at @university-of-cambridge-1 , @ben-gurion-university-of-the-negev

ID 104277

Greg Little

Darden Business School @ @university-of-virginia; Strategy & finance. Strong tech and bio bkgrd. Fluent Spanish, basic Mandarin. Worked in Biotech, Tech, Chemicals, Real Estate.

ID 27897

Jordan Jenkins

Technically-based entrepreneur specializing in cloud computing solutions. Worked as consultant to Fortune 1000 companies.

ID 122865

Kapil Khanna

Founder Gab.com • CIO at Sydnia LLC. Past - Enterprise Architect at Wyndham Worldwide. • Co-Founder - TripMojo

ID 284909

Shannon Warren

Seasoned full stack CTO and Technology Consultant. Strong background in information technology for startups.

ID 478924

Noel Geren


Founder/CTO @zoomrank - @sprinkl-io - Founding member @hrlogix (acq by @first-advantage) - Software Developer - Hardware Hacker - Extraordinaire

ID 28621

Rob Thomas

I'm a web developer living in Dallas, Texas. The web is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

ID 215336

Jeff Brower

CEO and founder of Signalogic. Co-founded Hyperception; acquired by National Instruments 2004. Worked at E-Systems (Raytheon), Gearhart (Halliburton).

ID 160979

Paul E Guaraldi

Founder PKM Associates • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 137717

Parker Lee

Driving Growth & Efficiency @CarterHealthcare. Formerly Solving Problems @gartner & @ge. @uf MBA.

ID 9823

Shawn Scott

CEO at Gradeness. Experienced web/mobile developer. Worked at @apple, @texas-instruments • Studied at @devry-university, @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 89832

Lynn Varnell

President at Processing Strategies LLC

ID 338506

Mike Caranfa

Founder @meteora • Worked at @cornerworld-corp-enversa-companies

ID 59462

Jack Zedlitz

Managing Advisor & Co-founder, @portage-equity-market-advisors. Navigator/advisor for pre-public & micro cap companies. Learning curve enthusiast.

ID 71083

Matthew Irwin

Founder & CEO of IIICTECH Inventor of WINK | Bank on it. Founder of 3C | Creative Concept Consulting Two-time NSPA Award Receipent Hilton Spirit of Pride Award

ID 423546

Naveen Khan

Founder PT Pal • Worked at @LosAngelesOrthopaedicHospital @partscheck • Studied at @university-of-sheffield @UniversityofLaw

ID 155132

Gary Cohen

Reformed attorney, now serial entrepreneur. Currently Chief Operating Officer of FanTree.

ID 148120

Tommy Mancino

The ramblings of a sometimes developer, soldier, educator, and entrepreneur. Helped found Wahoo at SVIC, which became ArcSight.

ID 31724

Karridy Askenasy

I'm a creatively driven innovator with an extensive development background. I am working to build ZumedIn and learning to live with Restless Brain Syndrome.

ID 46040

Scott Moore

Founder of Snapleaf, 1st startup venture. Worked at @jp-morgan, @xerox • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 378899

Brian Teague

I'm a Starter. I'm one for one, so far, with no exit but, a growing and sustainable business from which to launch future businesses.

ID 697035

Taylor Fisher

Founder & CEO of @college-student-apartments. Entrepreneur. Innovative Thinker. Graduate of @texas-tech-university

ID 509956

Tania Martin-Mercado

CEO of EgressONE. Master student at Columbia University and Capella University. Worked at Microsoft, EMC, and US Army. Strong technology background.

ID 255877

Rajan Babaria

Founder @eborhood, @Ipelion Healthcare

ID 265662

Ted Hoffman

Founder @fly-holdings-llc

ID 424031

Terry Reece

Founder @reece-enterprises, @family-media-company

ID 316482

Jeremy Moore

Co-Founder and CEO of BrandLoyal

ID 239130

damir perge

Founder of entrepreneurdex • Entrepreneur • Investor • Author of Entrepreneur Myths: The Startup Reality. How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Starting and Growing Your Business.

ID 476897

John Adolph

Founder @GetParqer | Attorney @BGLLP

ID 210534

Gary Guion


Versatile financial professional Gary Guion has fulfilled a variety of positions in the real estate and private equity sectors.

ID 170035

Cosmin Stejerean

Founder and president at Rising Oak LLC

ID 343331


Worked at @ericsson, @sewell

ID 466411

Leonard Kibuule


Founder Time2cu • Worked at @ibm, @hp • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1, @university-of-nebraska-medical-center

ID 83504

Brian McCurtis


Big 5 Consultant background, currently Sr. Project Manager responsible for delivering ERP solutions in Brazil, Investor, Published Author e eu falo um pouco de Português!

ID 80165

Skip Howard

ID 105782

Arturo Sheimberg

Head of Marketing and Business Development at @pricetag

ID 61183

Christopher Wester

Partner at TexCellerator

ID 167798


Founder @alumtalks, Northwestern Alum, Worked at Digitas & DraftFCB

ID 115728

George Baker

Founder at @parkhub, CoFounder at @dealpad. An entrepreneur, practical, & a visonary.

ID 135223

Rajat Mittal

Founder Inknowledge, Inknowledge • Worked at @the-university-of-texas • Studied at @southern-methodist-university, @university-of-texas-arlington

ID 477433

Krisandra Parsons

Worked at @Tek-Tools Software, @Heritage Health Systems, Inc. • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 512410

Ammar Khan

specialties: growth hacking, product management, distribution channels, sales, early stage dev undergrad in CS/engineering

ID 260060

Peter Swanson

Co-Founder and CEO FundSway.com

ID 82957

Gareth Hughes

Biomedical Entrepreneur

ID 161291

Lars Hjältman

co-founder @hcg-partners • Partner in Management Consulting, serial entrepreneur and big company C-leve exec

ID 569185

Christopher Molaro

Officer at @us-army, Founder @things-we-read • Studied at @united-states-military-academy

ID 417737

Josh Blessing

Founder Matramoney • Worked at @hp • Studied at @texas-tech-university

ID 351893

Gregg Sullivan


Mr Sullivan is a high technology industry entrepreneur with extensive experience in startups as well as operational experience in a diverse range of businesses.

ID 90455

Steve Good

I am a software engineer and photographer living in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. I am passionate about combining the two and am constantly experimenting with new ideas.

ID 381103

Jordan Randall Smith

Artistic Director, Dallas Festival of Modern Music. Gr. Asst. Conductor, Peabody Conservatory

ID 45594

Tanya Lee

Co-founder of Avasiare Professional Skincare & Cosmetics & AVA Pro by Avasiare spa/salon/wellness center w/my childhood BFF, Bonnie. Beauty + Science + Nature

ID 16338

buddy teaster

Former Pres/COO of StarKart and National Association of Local Advertisers. Founder and President of RTM Networks. Seven years at YPO as Chief Network Officer

ID 145281

Steven Tannock

Founder @pencilneck-software • Studied at @university-of-british-columbia

ID 93473

Mohsin Veerani

Chief Executive Officer at @basign, Inc. Energy Efficient LED, Solar & Wind OEM

ID 54724

Dan MacElroy

Battle tested leader with a tech obsession. Manufacturing experience-Iraq and Afghanistan-D1 Football Honorable Mention All-American. West Point '02 @southern-methodist-university MBA '11

ID 478500

Shaun Antonio Livingston Mason

Founder Project XEON • Worked at @gap, @abercrombie-fitch • Studied at @southern-methodist-university

ID 25070

Benji Gershon

Very diversified skill set w/ an emphasis on sales, biz dev & marketing. #1 in sales in S.W. region, over 8M loans sold while in banking & sold my own Company.

ID 353675

Kaushik Nagabhushan

Founder Anotiste • Studied at @university-of-houston, @university-of-connecticut

ID 73969

Jared Reynolds

Founder and President of the Zenagen Hair Care Products. Cosmeceutical & Nutraceutical Expert. Biochemical & Medical Trained Specializing in Hair Care Industry

ID 208966

David Hess

Founder @data-bakery • Worked at @fish-technologies, @celion-networks • Studied at @texas-a-m-university

ID 85881

Marleny Wood

More than 7 yrs combined experience in brand management, interactive advertising, media relations,social media. Worked at Ogilvy&Mather,Richards Group,AHA

ID 252145

Leblanc Meneses

Co-Founder Improving Restaurants • Studied at @a&M #SoftwareDevelopment #ContinuousDelivery #MinimumViableProduct

ID 225700

Arif Gangji


Husband, Father, Entrepreneur. Started my first company in High School....on #8 now.

ID 206550

Luke Walton

Experienced entrepreneur and digital strategist. Sold first company before 23. Worked as a Product Strategist @huge Inc Clients: Target, Amex, GE.

ID 488940

Carlyn Rowe

Founder TwentyNine Thirty Creative. Award winning content creator and social media manager.

ID 102493


ID 259815

Byron Giles

Founder & CEO of CertificationPoint, CertificationPoint • Worked at @usaf, @computer-sciences-corporation • Studied at @university-of-maryland-university-college, @university-of-nevada-las-vegas

ID 224689


Studied at @bachelor-of-engineering-computer-science, @mba-1

ID 248686


Co-founder of Shipora. Founder of Student's Book. Self-motivated, self-taught and passionate entrepreneur at heart.

ID 156099

L. Scott Brown

Founder MyDirectives • Worked at @salans-law-firm, @baker-mckenzie • Studied at @tulane-university, University of Oklahoma

ID 101567

Brett Strauss

President and Co-founder of @ensemba. Founder and owner of @netexam.

ID 117912

Burak Volkan Coskun

Founder/CEO of Walk-in Apps, Inc. Worked at @fidelity-invesments, @hunt-oil • Studied at @midwestern-state-university

ID 249718

William J.B. Hill

Check out @sync-1! Creative Director of Electronic Sports & Entertainment(@sync-1) Strong business background • Studied Financial Economics at @southern-methodist-university

ID 354318

Christian Holloway

ID 271630

Reagan Lancaster

An experienced software industry executive, Reagan Lancaster currently serves as chief executive officer of SourceTap in Dallas.

ID 164501

Brooke Patterson

CFO of Vandermedia Design Inc. Works with startup companies to establish strong brand identity, consistent graphic communications and web design.

ID 127385

Chad Ettelbrick

Founder of @follow-networks. Writer and Creative. Director. Maker.

ID 311089

Alan Daniel

Founder of The College Connect • Studied at @university-of-texas-dallas • Strong Finance Background

ID 351943

Emmanuel Iroko

BS Electrical Eng.; Masters Electrical Eng., Texas A&M; Co-Founder & CTO of Spotagory; Web dev. startup after college; Web designer for CRISS Lab Texas A&M

ID 92774

Andrew Arnold

Founded Alcogel™ based on these characteristics: Large Target Market, High Margins, and Innovative to the Alcohol Industry.

ID 524894

Aromal Rajagopal

CEO of Railscarma

ID 30049

Felipe Rocha

Lead software engineer at Mutualmind • Lead web developer at @globerunnerseo • Studied at @university-of-north-texas, @harvard-extension

ID 462121

Christopher Ellis

Founder 1MinuteSurveys, LLC • Worked at @dental-medical-economics, @LunchClik.com, @st-jude-medical • Studied at @austin-college College and @university-of-texas-at-dallas

ID 253298

Eric Perkins

Developed for @instinct-marketing • Building @reminded-at • Growing @911-meditrack patient care reporting system • Owned Featured Users ad network

ID 24335

Clint Lenard

Founder @galoor-com • Studied at Orange Coast College

ID 413013

Robert Tracy

Founder @eko-usa-inc • Studied at @arizona-state-university

ID 149590

Aaron Dunn

Technology Sales Executive & Consultant | Startup Enthusiast & Entrepreneur | Marketer | Social Media Strategist | Master Networker & Connector

ID 112027

Bhavin Patel

Cofounder, @zojourner. Significant executive management experience from Vishwanath Hotels, LLC.Student at Texas @texas-a-m-university University, Mays Business School.

ID 320882

Chris Goulet

Social and Mobile at @one-technologies

ID 326645

Jordan Dorchuck

Founded Dorchuck Perri LLC, a Graphic Design and Marketing firm in High School. International Business and Finance Major at South Carolina.

ID 191148

Jason Moschos

Founder Rennovus

ID 412524

Ashley Sanchez

Founder Legacy & Luxe

ID 148722

Kobee King

UX + UI Designer, Art Director

ID 437441

Clarissa Redwine

CEO of Render | President of UNT's Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Org. | TEDxUNT Organizer | Startup Digest Dallas CoCurator | divergent thinker & shameless hustler.

ID 142101

Ryan Key

Digital project specialist with expert knowledge in digital campaign management and operations strategy. 8 years experience in web design and development.

ID 267149

Hallie Alford

Founder @fly-holdings-llc

ID 129094

Shaela Williams

Worked as Office Coordinator/Manager out of high school. Social Media Marketing and Management background. Creative team coordinator with 3MG Interactive.

ID 101837

Larry Maxwell

Just a normal guy, investing in startups along the way.

ID 159665

Dan Henderson

Worked @ericsson, @Convex Computer Corporation Medical City Dallas, MedSynergies. Co-founded iNetSpace. BS Comp Sci MBA Bus. Strong healthcare/IT background

ID 522855

Imran Charania

Founder Cirkyt Technologies, Inc. • Worked at @u-s-department-of-defense • Studied at @texas-tech-university

ID 110593

Josh Blessing

Founder and CEO of @trabaha.com LLC

ID 69727

Anton Seidler

Marketing guy at @activtrak. Proud father of 2 kids: 10 y.o. figure skater and newborn super-hero. Ex-CEO at Motiware - popular Russian task management solution

ID 264016

Fabian Watkins

Founder @highroller-s-lanes-lounge • Studied at @university-of-north-texas

ID 571718

Matt Legler

Worked at @xerox, @affiliated-computer-services • Studied at @texas-tech-university

ID 227133

Santosh Krishnan

Founder RideConnect, @skrishnan-media-enterprises-inc • Worked at @vividconsulting-info, @onesolution-consulting • Studied at @university-of-texas-arlington

ID 1042

Tanson Bothe

Entrepreneur in residence at planet earth.

ID 219202

Khaled Ramadan

Founder & CEO of The College Connect • Studied at @university-of-texas-arlington • Creative Director & Strong Entrepreneurship background since 2006

ID 237724

Ramon Mendez

Founder Model Revolt

ID 478194


Curator of the @ent_archive - The Entertainment Archive Music. Fashion. Video. Culture

ID 32416

Nick Wallace

Founder of @fyberstudios. Team member of @binary-kollective-llc @beast-fantasy-sports-inc.

ID 251302

Jim Mayes

Web & Product Developer, Co-Founder of cignal (http://cignal.it) and lnkdto (http://lnkdto.com), bearded feral internet man, veteran of epic video game wars

ID 515518

David Filbey

ID 407179

Robert Karlheim

Young Entrepreneur with million dollar ideas.

ID 348776

Tishara Robinson

Director of Local and National Outreach at Project 611; Counselor at Keller ISD; Counselor at Waco ISD; Counselor at Metro Nashville Public Schools

ID 46867

Nick Karr

Aspiring entrepreneur- cofounder of Belkar Group and K&B innovations patent think tank. MD @wayne-state-university University- 2008

ID 266804

Jana Arnold

Founder entrepreneurdex venturcelerator, and Madman Pictures.

ID 249809


CEO of Placeten, seasoned entrepreneur having worked with several startups. Studied Finance and Accounting at Langston University.Strong business execution

ID 413753

Blake A. Nichols

Founder @nuquery-inc, Student Access Network, LLC

ID 188172


Founder/COO of @pokering

ID 257018

Andreas Parsley

Founder of 4my3clones Inc. Multiple Business and Community Startups Experienced entrepreneur. Exceptional visionary and Leader

ID 437072


Founder Legal Logic Corporation; Corporate & Transactional Attorney. Studied @university-of-north-texas and @loyola-university-new-orleans School of Law

ID 107676

Tony Albanese

I have lead sales teams for 12 years. In my first Director role, doubled production in 12 months. In my most recent role, built team from ground up.

ID 164815

Brian Roach

Founder @mystery-tackle-box • Worked at @supermedia • Studied at @McMurryUniveristy

ID 75278

Ryan Chavez

• Business Development at @huka-entertainment •

ID 503310

Colton Weir

Founder Bubblehead Tea

ID 312989

Haley Hougen

CEO of FindMyHandyman. Experienced in the home improvement industry, successfully merged my bathroom remodeling company with a full service company in 2012.

ID 56672

Aaron Benzick

Founder of @munzee, a geolocation platform using gamification to reward people for going places. Utilizes QR codes and NFC tags a long with GPS.

ID 227184

Daniel Ben-David Amsellem

CEO/Founder ZUKE

ID 223101

Philip A Swiderski Jr

Founder @art-photography-by-pasjr-woctx

ID 36630

TheHappy Dragon

Team member of @the-happy-dragon.

ID 24435

Jaime Garrison

Above All Staffing Services 3/11-9/13 Acappella in Home Care 8/06-3/11 Preferred Medical Staffing 2/04-8/06 Continuous Care Solutions10/02-2/04 Vitas1/00-10/02

ID 31304

Jacob Wulff

Team member of @chompie.

ID 45611

Alex Morales

Branch Co-Owner at PMC-Dayton, an outsorced direct sales/marketing company. Hands on experience in Organizational Leadership, Team Building, and Sales Training

ID 41429

Kheiver Roberts

Founder EventBoost. Bachelor Comuter Science and Mathematics (Midwestern).

ID 150655

Dianna Offset

ID 168314

William Ekeroth

William Ekeroth is the owner and President of AXXIS Sports & Entertainment, based in Addison, Texas.

ID 183036

John Labunski

Studied at UTI. Host of Retirement Wealth Talk Radio.

ID 296770

Michael M

Never Stop Creating

ID 60428

Lil Dramma

ID 146297

William Scott Court

Dallas businessman William Scott Court currently owns oil and gas developer Fusion Energy, LLC.

ID 223898

Glenda Freeman

Founder @freeman-art-studio-1

ID 33476

Jacob Cruz

CEO/Founder of a work in progress .com

ID 5641

Sekhar Vemula

Team member of @shows-social.

ID 95953

Corey Rawdon

Thought-leader, entrepreneur, management consultant, mega-traveler. Love to innovate, ideate and create

ID 144768

Ron Valderrama

Founder/CEO of Stream Now TV

ID 290286

Merlyn Knapp

Studied General Business at Rockhurst University (formerly Rockhurst College). Owner of Solutions in Healthcare Financial Management.

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